1 series by AC Schnitzer in video game Blur


Blur is a brand-new video game for Playstation3, XBox 360 and PC, where you can race through the virtual world for the first time in a 1-series by AC Schnitzer. Suitable for 7+ age group, it is available from all good game shops and on the internet.

A joint project by ACTIVISION, Bizarre Creations, Bink Video and Demon Ware, the makers of Blur describe the game like this:

Blur is the ultimate Powerup racing game. Join in the dramatic action with powerful cars which are all racing to be the first across the finishing line and get a few bumps along the way. Travel round the world, from L.A. via San Francisco to Spain, England and beyond, to pit yourself against the best drivers the roads have ever seen.

Build an arsenal of Powerups like nitro-boost, shock attacks, defence shields and landmines to leave the rest behind. You choose the best time for maximum effect, so it's exciting right to the end. Blur offers a unique community-based player network including multiplayer modes with split screen for up to 4 players and on-line.

Powerups: Collect dynamic Powerups and use them strategically individually or together to beat the others.

Real-life races: Blur offers spectacular accidents, realistic damage models, breathtaking surroundings, sights from the real world and over 55 licensed photo-realistic cars from the most famous manufacturers in the world.

Social networking: Discover the unique player network around the story, while you drive the races and make contacts with friends, rivals, fans and other drivers - in the game and in real life.

Multiplayer: Experience online-multiplayer games in teams and competition mode for up to 20 drivers and races with split screen for 4 players.